What ISES Does

The underlying goal behind the work of ISES is to advance the transition to a renewable energy world. ISES is committed to 100% renewable energy for all used efficiently and wisely. 

ISES provides key timely information on renewable energy technology and innovation breakthroughs, policy mechanisms and changes, investment strategies and deployment opportunities. 

Some of the ways we do this are to:

  • Promote solar research and development worldwide
  • Advocate for a sustainable global solar industry
  • Support workforce development
  • Provide authoritative advice on renewable energy issues world-wide
  • Support career growth of Young ISES members
  • Promote energy education at all levels
  • Ensure our strong credible renewable energy voice is heard by participating in international decision making meetings
  • Increase the strength of our voice by building partnerships with other complimentary international organisations
  • Provide higher global visibility for the products and services of business and institutions working in renewable energy
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