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Help ISES advance its goals by supporting our work. You can help by joining as an ISES member, sponsor a project, event or webinar or donate to the Society.

Interested in learning more, contact us. We are happy to explore with you ideas on how you, your company or your institution can be involved in the ISES work. 

What can you do?

Everyone can play a role in helping to drive the transition to a renewable energy world - a world in where everyone has access to clean, safe renewable energy and energy is used efficiently and wisely. As a consumer, home owner, entrepreneur, employee or decision maker, we can all make a difference. 

One significant way you can change your own impact on the environment and reduce climate change, is to assess your energy footprint and take steps to increase your own energy efficiency (which will also save you money) and use of renewable energy. 

Here are just a few tips for how improve your energy balance:

  • Turn of appliances that are not in use, plug appliances into a power strip and keep turned off when not in use to save energy.
  • Replace lighting and appliances in your home and office with energy efficient ones. 
  • Improve building energy performance by renovating your home or office, this includes adding insulation to roofs and walls to stop thermal losses, improving windows and insulating hot water tanks. 
  • Buy renewable energy - power companies in many countries now offer renewable electricity, as a consumer you have a choice to buy clean renewable energy. Contact the ISES Section in your country to get information on accredited power companies that supply renewable electricity. 
  • Install renewable energy technologies on your home or business - support schemes are available in many countries, states/provinces and at the local level to help home and business owners finance renewable energy projects, such as solar thermal or PV systems, heating or cooling systems and renovation projects to improve energy performance of buildings. 
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