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Sustainable development requires safe, clean energy sources that can be renewed (or renew themselves). Such sources include energy from the sun (solar), wind, small hydro, bioenergy, geothermal and energy from waves & tides. 

ISES supports and encourages the use of renewable energy everywhere through appropriate technologies, scientific excellence, effective policy, social responsibility and global communication. 

Through this website, ISES strives to provide useful information on solar energy and its applications. To learn more about and keep up-to-date on the latest in solar energy research, developments and applications, sign up to be an ISES member. Learn more about what an ISES membership can offer you here

ISES is active in the following areas and Divisions are set up to mobilize members active and interested in these fields. 

Solar Energy Resources & Climate:

Radiation related to solar energy; solar radiation resource assessment; resource characterization; resource measurement, information & evaluation; solar resource information.

Solar Energy & Society:

Energy efficiency, conservation: renewable energy in education & policy: transportation; solar fuels.

Solar Buildings:

Passive solar architecture, building integrated PV, solar cities, rational use of energy in buildings, energy efficient buildings. 

Solar Heating & Cooling:

Collectors & systems for buildings & district hearing/cooling; solar cookers & driers; solar desalination & solar water purification.

Solar Electricity:

Photovoltaic materials, cells, modules & systems; collectors & systems for thermal electric power generation & high temperature process heat; photocatalysis; energy storage.

Rural Energy Supply:

Expansion of RE in developing countries; energy access, off-grid systems, gender and energy access.

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